What’s your favourite season? 

Don’t you just love this time of year?

Spring is in the air and everywhere you look –  the blossom 🌸 is out,  blooming.

Recently I’ve started running outdoors and while doing so, beautiful flowers all around, have been eye candy distraction💐!  When the run is done, I get snap happy. This is my reward….  by taking some snaps of what I see, I’ve gathered such lovely imagery that I’d like to share…   From the weeds to forget me nots to the delicate blossom, it’s  love, love, love 😍

Meanwhile this feeds and inspires my jewellery work! As these new enamel floral and textural pendants show. Pictured below.

As I absolutely love pattern it’s natural to see some floral elements in my work.  I will often translate decoration onto the surface of my pieces. And it just so happens I am exhibiting in the forthcoming exhibition ‘Surface’ Pattern, at the fabulous  Unit 12 Gallery in Tixall opening on the 29th April, where these pieces will be showcased alongside coordinating items and more!

So now it’s over to you, what’s your favourite season? And what do you think of these pendants? What colours would you like to wear?

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