Enamel Brooch

Colour Crush – I’m feeling BLUE….

The other day I came across this article via elephanjournal.com and I thought it was very interesting.

At certain times in my life I’m drawn to certain colours from the clothes I wear to my eye makeup right through to the jewellery I create. (I am addicted to eyeshadow and eyeliner… but that’s another story.)

I’ve recently produced  a new body of work for a Textile Jewellery Exhibition entitled ‘Intrinsic’ currently on show at The Makers Guild in Wales, Craft in the Bay, Cardiff. Read more about it here! 

The pieces are dominated by the colour Blue….

Seasons, Blue Summer, Soft Blue, Fine silver, Embossed silver, Japanese style print, Soft Blue, Silk scarf, scarf slider, textile jewellery

Seasons – Blue Summer by Kathryn Partington
Soft Blue Silk, Hand printed & dyed, Fine Silver

Other recent work also includes working with Enamel, with my new online shop collection ‘IcedGems’ developed from a collection called ‘Bold & Bright’ (On show and on sale at Victoria Sewart Gallery in Plymouth) and that was directly informed by experimental pieces entitled  ‘Blue and Green should never be Seen?’

Iced Gems, Silver, Enamel, Blue, Turquoise, White, Cubic Zirconia, Vitreous Enamel, Grid Design,

‘Iced Gems’ Silver & Enamel Rings by Kathryn Partington

Reversible pendants, Enamel on Copper, Silver Choker, Cubic Zirconia, Choker, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Oval, Necklace, Pendants, Rectangles

Reversible pendants, Enamel on Copper, Silver Choker, Cubic Zirconia by Kathryn Partington

Enamel Brooch

Brooch – Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen Series by Kathryn Partington

The colour Blue has featured in all these ranges…. yet my work keeps evolving into something new. The colour acts as a memory and link to previous work along with an underpinned aesthetic.

There are tones and colour families that resonate, repeat and revive themselves almost intuitively within my portfolio whilst I continue to make jewellery.

At the moment I must be going through a Blue phase…this hasn’t consciously been intentional and it’s interesting to look at my work retrospectively, perhaps it runs deeper than a crush! Now whether it means I need to take note of the following;


‘Listen to yourself and others. Be honest and ask others to be honest too. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open to new opportunities.

Downfall: Don’t withdraw and isolate yourself. Speak your mind.’


Start listening to and trusting your intuition. It is a gift from the Creator/Universe. It is a great time to receive messages from spirit. Take time to meditate.

Downfall: Don’t criticise yourself or others. Always remember to ask questions instead of making assumptions.‘ 

Author: Lien Potgieter via elephantjournal.com 

Or not, it makes sense…. more opportunities seem to appearing, and here I am speaking my mind… this could be coincidence..

I’ve taken up yoga….

I find my work meditative and

I’m working on self-critical thoughts!!

I do think now is the time to introduce a different colour/tone into my next batch of work… Hmm food for thought….

What’s your current colour crush?

Is it dictated by fashion?

Your surroundings or your mood? Or anything else? I’d love to know

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment below.

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