IcedGems, Blue, Enamel, Vitreous Enamel, Silver, Grid Design, Kathryn Partington

Autumn Jewellery – News to Share!

It’s been a busy Summer, and now we’re into Autumn it’s going to be Christmas before you know it!

There has been so much going on I’ve compiled a newsletter with all my latest news and developments.

In brief there are details of current and recent exhibitions!

Details of an exciting event called #IcedGems – a collaboration with Yvonne Donald of Kake and CupKakery and Rickie Josen of Beauty Faves taking place on the 15th November 2014 at Coffee Lounge in Newhall Street, Birmingham.

'IcedGems' - Enamel and Silver Drop Earrings by Kathryn Partington

‘IcedGems’ – Enamel and Silver Drop Earrings by Kathryn Partington

This lovely new coffee shop is located close Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and equally close to the thriving shopping centre in the city.

So if you LOVE;

  • Coffee
  • Beauty
  • Cake
  • Jewellery

AND….. are near, living, visiting or shopping in Birmingham then we’d love to see you there!


IcedGems, Jewellery, Cake, Beauty, See it, Try it, Love it, BeautyFaves, Kake and Cupkakery, Kathryn Partington, Cakes, Avon

#IcedGems Event Poster

Would you like to come? Find out more and rsvp via our Facebook event page!

My newsletter also includes details about new statement neckpieces. These are making guest appearances in singer, songwriter, Milly Winter’s forthcoming music video, ‘By The River.’

Jewellery, Necklace, Black Crystal, Scrollwork, Victorian. Gothic, Kathryn Partington, Milly Winter, Gareth Partington, Photography, Jewellery Photography, Black jewellery, Statement Jewellery, Black Silk

Kathryn Partington ‘Darkness’ ‘By The River’
Neckpiece, photographed by Gareth Partington

I am so excited and can’t wait to see this!

There’s a SPECIAL PREMIERE TAKING PLACE ON THE 18TH OCTOBER at Ego Performance Company, in Coventry.


Would you like the opportunity to go to this exclusive launch?

Check out Milly’s Facebook event page for more info and details. Would be great to see you there too!

For a taster, view Milly’s previous, fabulous music video ‘Betty Said’ here.

It’s definitely worth a watch and you’ll spot my jewels in this video too!

So if you’re interested in jewellery that is handmade with diverse range of materials such as enamel, textile, silk, metal and ceramic please have a look and if you like what you see you can subscribe for future news, offers and updates.

And do not worry I promise not to spam you!

If you do check my newsletter out, please do let me know what you think by commenting below.

& Finally before I sign off, do you like these enamel earrings?

IcedGems, Blue, Enamel, Vitreous Enamel, Silver, Grid Design, Kathryn Partington

Blue, Enamel, Silver, Drop Earrings
by Kathryn Partington

What other colours would you like to see these in?

Thanks for reading!

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