Refocus + Reflections = New Beginnings

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Ethereal Silver Brooch

Since teaching on Summer camps with Enterprising minds a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been back to focussing on my own creative business.

The summer holidays are flying by and in between doing a bit of D.I.Y in my workshop instead of making jewellery….! I’ve been examining my business and really reflecting on the directions I want that business to move forward in.

Argh! There’s so much to do…

I love to make, I have way too many ideas…..sometimes I get into a creative zone that takes me onto new paths and new directions, which is great creatively but I really do need to reign it in!  and as a small business I’m a one woman band, how to fit everything all in becomes quite a challenge.

I’m been making jewellery professionally since I graduated with an MA in Jewellery Silversmithing,  and Related Products from The School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University in 2007. During that time I’ve exhibited nationally and internationally and consistently kept up designing and making whilst working a full-time job. The 9-5er with a small business!

But what I want to be doing is making that transition to working on what I love all the time! So I’m making what could be considered baby steps in that direction through refocus and reflection and if you’ve read any of my other posts you might see it’s a recurring theme!

At the moment I’m working through a book by The Design Trust ‘A guide to start and run a successful craft business,’ so far it’s very good and forcing me to look more deeply into my practice and ways of working commercially.

Although I’ve been in business for several years and had help, guidance and training along the way I find it beneficial to keep learning and revisiting aspects that I  still need to work upon and for me it’s the business side! The side of admin, accounts and planning, financial forecasting, sales and marketing that I do, but as the school report might say ‘Kathryn could do better!’

I’ve still got a long way to go to get to where I want to be but hopefully I’ll get there!

One of my many jobs this week is to examine my existing designs, its time to develop and refine….

Queen of Diamonds Jewellery colllection © Kathryn Partington 2012

Queen of Diamonds Jewellery collection © Kathryn Partington 2012


You can view more of my collections on my website;

Are you creative? Do you get lost in your work or passion whether that be designing, making, painting, drawing, cooking or gardening? I’m sure the list could go on….

Are you a small business who has turned your passion into your work?

I’d love to know your thoughts, tips and comments!

Thanks for reading.




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