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Teaching Fun with Enterprising Minds!


My summer is going pretty well and these last couple of weeks have been jam packed with teaching summer camps for kids age 11-16. So I’ve been out of my workshop of making jewellery  and into the classroom working as a camp manager for Enterprising Minds.

I work in education term-time in my 9-5 for The University of Wolverhampton as a Senior Technician in Textile Print & Fine Metals. I also enjoy running workshops, activities as a creative practitioner so it was great to be involved with such a rewarding and exciting teaching project.

My first week was based at Solihull, Light Hall School working with Entrepreneur,  Samuel Wilson and Actor, Dre Zengharta, it was great to work with these guys!

The aim of the camp was to inspire and support young people to become enterprising thinkers, understand the importance of financial independence and issues related to business with a real life, live business problem to work upon throughout the week.


Skills of an Entrepreneur

Skills of an Entrepreneur. Poster by children at Light Hall School.



The Solihull crew worked on business related issue for Social Enterprise Business, Colebridge Communications. The kids were amazing, their ideas were great, and they did a wonderful job culminating in a final presentation that was performed to the manager of the organisation at the end of the week. The Apprentice and Dragons Den better watch out…!

The second week was based at FairFax School in Sutton Coldfield, (a trip down memory lane as I used to visit my grandparents when they were alive just round the corner!) I worked at this camp again with Actor Dre Zengharta who used his acting skills to entertain and inspire the kids. The kids wowed us with raps, dances, acting, presentations, singing and some wonderful ideas for charity RSPB. They were brilliant!

Of course most importantly the emphasis was to have ‘fun’ while learning and I can safely say that fun was had by all.. including me! I’ve still got songs that were created in my head… future singers, songwriters, actors, entrepreneurs, dancers. I think both groups of children have an exciting and bright future ahead.

It was also great to work with Sonia Francis, the founder of Enterprising Minds, and I would highly recommend this Summer Camp course in the future, for youngsters amongst your family or friends. Please visit the website for further information. You can also check out the blog for first hand accounts from the participants.

Summer Camps with Enterprising Minds

Summer Camps with Enterprising Minds

I wish when I had been at School there had been that kind of guidance, I think as you grow up there are so many important issues and life skills that are just not taught.

For me I learnt the hard way! and always feel I am still learning. Do you ever stop learning no matter how old you are? Do you ever wonder if you had received different guidance, education how you would have turned out? Would you still be doing what you’re doing now?

Hmmm. Food for thought…… I’d love to know what you think! Please comment below and thanks for reading.


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