Necklace, Neckpiece, Victoriana, Music Video, Milly Winter, Kathryn Partington

Summer is coming!

It’s another May bank holiday weekend and after a glorious weekend last week,  it’s teaming down with rain….

The sunshine never seems to last that long but I know it will be here again before long.

Today I’m co-working in the library of Birmingham with fellow Salsa friend and Cake maker baker Yvonne Donald of Kake & Cupcakery.

She makes Beautiful cupcakes and celebration cakes I would well recommend!

Cake, Cupcakes

Kakes by Yvonne Donald

Cakes, Celebration cakes

More Celebration Kakes by Yvonne Donald

Since we’re small businesses and good friends from time to time we co work on our businesses to get the sometimes lonely jobs of admin, business planning, research, accounts, sorting of orders, blogging, website updates, etc over a cup of tea and piece of cake.

Today I have made lemon drizzle cake for her for a change!… lets see what she thinks of it!

I’m on count down to the summer where I will finish my term – time contract in my day job for a massive chunk of time that I will be able to dedicate to my business…. the summer is coming!

I’ve got some exciting projects in the pipeline, which I will reveal as time goes by, new work, new business developments, new process and techniques….. watch this blog!

Most recently, I created new neck pieces for Milly Winter, Warwickshire based singer songwriter for her forthcoming Music Video, ‘By the River.’

Last weekend was the first video shoot with my pieces worn exclusively by Milly. Here are a couple of snapshots. These pieces are based on the Victorian era.

Decorative scroll work cameos are the main focal point.

Necklace, Neckpiece, Victoriana, Music Video, Milly Winter, Kathryn Partington

Snapshot of neck-pieces featured in Milly Winter’s forthcoming music video

Necklace, Neckpiece, Victor

Snapshot of Neck-piece featured in Milly Winter’s forthcoming music video

Jewellery, Necklace, Black, White, Scroll work,

Snapshots of Milly wearing my Jewellery


You can view my Pinterest board of inspiration which influenced these pieces. Contrasts between a dark, black truly decadent choker style necklace and a long draping multiple stranded necklace with white accents reflects  Milly’s character in the song & the story that unfolds within the video.

More photographs are to come soon by Gareth Partington!

What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts!

Oh and before I sign off Yvonne likes my cake!


5 thoughts on “Summer is coming!

  1. I absolutely love the black neck piece you made for Milly Winter – it’s gorgeous.
    Your friends cakes look amazing, too! x


  2. Beautiful photos, Kathryn, and beautiful work! It is wonderful to see the white pearls you’re using in piece #1 above. After all, pearls are so important to the history of jewelry, and here they complement the ovals/scrolls so nicely. Hope you’re enjoying your Spring!


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