Ethereal Serene Necklace, Kathryn Partington, Silver, Bone China, Glaze, Hand engraved

Progression and Digression

Another couple of weeks have flown by and as I work in my day job as Senior Technician in Textile Print and Fine Metals within The School of Creative Arts & Design at The University of Wolverhampton students prepare for their final submissions and degree show.

Exciting times ahead for them!

It is rewarding to see students progressing and moving forwards towards their design outcomes and my role assists in facilitating and supporting to make this happen.

So simultaneously I digress.  While my students continually learn I always maintain and strive to continue learning too. My work, ideas and passion drive me to progress with my creative Jewellery practice too. That continual process that ever evolves…..

I’ve recently started attending a Glass Jewellery night class taught by Jo Newman, a glass artist who’s work is influenced greatly by pattern , mark making and texture to create beautiful pieces of fused and cast glass elements.

Glass is a material I have always wanted to work with and since I work with Ceramics and Enamels it seems to me a natural addition and a marriage of material that interlinks and interweaves across the spectrum of my diverse making portfolio and material sensibilities.

What can I say?

So far I have been fascinated, intrigued and inquisitive. I’ve yet to see how my test samples result with techniques of diamond engraving, fused inclusions and layers of colored pieces. We shall see!

There’s more to come and to learn. Watch this space….. !

What drives you to learn new things?

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment below.

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