Eiffel Tower Detail

Trip to Paris – fuels new inspiration for jewels

One busy day at work recently out of the blue I was asked if I and another colleague would take a group of University of Wolverhampton students to Paris – did I need to think about this? Not for long… Or course I said Yes!

A surprise trip to Paris  just seemed to fall out of the sky, Nice! 🙂 – the purpose of the trip was to take a group of Fashion and Textile, Design and Applied Arts students to the wonderful city to research, gather inspiration and visit fashion and textile trend exhibition Premier Vision.

What can I say it was fab…. and  whilst we were there for our students I was able to gather inspiration and research for my own creative jewellery avenues and projects.

The highlight of my trip was discovering a beautiful shop called ‘la droguerie’ – one word sums this place up…. AMAZING. Walking through the door it is a visual delight, yarns, threads, trimmings, findings, fabrics, fixings, embellishments, buttons, beads, a complete treasure trove! I wish I could have taken photo’s.

A treasure trove that is so beautiful we visited it, not once, or twice but thrice, and we would have gone more times if we had stayed for longer than 3 days….! I spent most of my euros there.. oops! all in the name of research of course! I will post some pics of my picks soon!

So along with the usual delights of sight-seeing such as visiting the Louvre, seeing the Mona Lisa, taking in the impressive Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame and eating lovely food…

The Louvre, Paris

The Louvre, Paris

Portrait of Mona Lisa

Portrait of Mona Lisa


Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Detail of Eiffel Tower, Paris

Notre Dame, Paris

Notre Dame, Paris

Another highlight was the overwhelmingly vast Premier Vision show. Trends for Spring 2014 within Fashion, apparel, knit, fashion, textile and prints were packed in an expanse of Halls not too dissimilar to the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK but on a much grander scale. Too much to see in one day but what I did see fueled and ignited my creative passions, looking at beautiful fabrics, and inspiring color combinations. Enough inspiration to fuel new ideas for quite a while I think…. more on this to come soon!

Have you been to Paris? If so what are your favorite Paris highlights?

What inspires your creativity?  Is it colors, the things around you and/or the places you go?

I would love to know, please comment below and thanks for reading!

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