‘Heart of the Heat’ – Contemporary Enamel Exhibition

This month I have my work on show in two great venues!

The first exhibition I would like to share with you is entitled ‘Heart of the Heat’ Exhibition.

Enamel, Exhibition, School of Jewellery

Heart of the Heat Exhibition Flyer

This exhibition held at The School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University, displays a wide array of work by Contemporary Enamellers and there are some new experimental Enamel pieces of mine on show!

In previous posts you may have read about me exploring the medium and introducing it within my work as a result of attending a series of masterclasses delivered by inspirational and knowledgable enameller, Ruth Ball.

I have just begun a new ‘love affair’ with a fascinating material. It’s a process I intend to develop further into my jewellery collections and portfolio.

The pieces I have created explore color and surface. There are tonal depths that are achieved by layering and building up of opaque and translucent shades. Composition and placement of elements are arranged to similarly to add dimension. Small stones are embedded within the surface of the enamel whilst experimenting with firing temperatures to vary textures within the surfaces. Pattern is key, whether within the surface of the enamel, within the surface of the metal as relief or piercing. Close inspection is required to see all facets!Jewellery - Suspended in Green

Jewellery - Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen Series

The experimental works collate to form a series of reversible brooches as I worked intensely on both sides of each enamel component. There were qualities I admired on the front and the back and then the question was raised – Which side should be the Front? Which side should be the back? Back or Front? Ultimately the choice is yours. I have a  wish both sides to be seen, worn and enjoyed by both the wearer and the observer.

Jewellery - Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen SeriesThese pieces and more can be viewed in the exhibition alongside a diverse range of enameled pieces on show until the 13th December so there is still time to visit if you are in Birmingham!

The other great venue exhibition is my work is showcasing in is ‘Dazzle’ at Manchester Museum and Art Gallery opening on the 25th November – 12th January . I will share more in my next blog post about this!

What do you think? Please comment below and Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “‘Heart of the Heat’ – Contemporary Enamel Exhibition

  1. Congrats, Kathryn – this looks to be a very impressive exhibit. Are you familiar with the American enamelist, Sarah Perkins? She shows her work in the U.K. also and just juried an exhibition of craft (including enamels) that’s opening in the Midwest US this weekend. Anyway, I really love the piercing and “opening up” of the round shapes in your brooches; the colors are so vibrant and the way you articulate the brooch finding is so delicately and nicely done!


    • Hi Patricia, Thank you so much for your comments and feedback. I visited the exhibition the other day and it’s a great! There is such a diverse range of work on display from the very traditional to contemporary, experimental to classic. It’s been curated really well. I am familiar with Sarah Perkins work – it’s exquisite! and Congratulations to you too on ‘Topeka Competition 31’ opening this weekend, looks fantastic and in good company too!


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