Earrings, Smokey Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Art Deco. 1930's, jewellery, jewelry, Gold Earrings, Kathryn Partington

1930’s inspired Jewels to Star in Milly Winter’s Music Video

Art Deco 1930's inspired artwork, Geometic

Art Deco 1930’s inspired artwork

It’s a busy time of year getting work ready for forthcoming exhibitions & opportunities…

Dazzle @ Manchester Museum & Art Gallery is coming soon!  25th November 2013  to 11 January 2014

And I am delighted to reveal that some of my new work will be making a cameo appearance in warwickshire-based singer/songwriter Milly Winter’s next music video. 🙂

Earrings, Smokey Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Art Deco. 1930's, jewellery, jewelry, Gold Earrings

Art Deco Inspired Earrings starring in Milly Winter’s New Music Video

‘Her songs are a musical diary, blending many eras and genres to form a concoction of reggae, pop, folk and soul. The result is a quirky and catchy groove. Her songs are impossible not to tap your foot to and instantly sing-along-able.’ – Milly Winter – Bio and I have to agree, great style, fab tunes and a singer to certainly watch with interest.

Sneak preview and inspiration behind the new pieces come from the 1930’s which is the theme and setting for the video.

For me it is the perfect opportunity for me to explore glamor and new decorative forms inspired by the 1930’s stylistic of an Art Deco aesthetic.

I have recently joined Pinterest and you can check out some of my pins there to see initial inspiration on my Art Deco board, 1930’s Fashion, Style, Glamour and Jewellery from that era. Milly has a board too if you’d like to view entitled 30’s.

Since last writing the video has been shot and filmed. You can read Milly’s account of filming from the day on her blog here.

It was a great to be  part of the picture, behind the scenes and on set, I became an extra too 🙂 It was really great to have my hair styled in 1930’s curls, 30’s inspired makeup and wear a glam dress to be part of the action!

Milly looked stunning in a dress she had made herself, wearing the earrings and  multiple neck pieces I had made layered over each other portraying glamour in perfection. The band were very dapper in tailored suits and all the extra’s were fashioned in 30’s style too. There was fabulous pole dancer Chloe Franklin who features in the video. She is absolutely inspiring and I wish to try pole dancing myself although I imagine it is very difficult! The track is great, catchy and will be released very soon!!

I’ve added a photo of some earrings that I made for the shoot, other pieces made included pins, necklaces and earrings and a dress attachment! More images will be arriving soon alongside some fabulous photographs and portraits by talented photographer Gareth Partington. Watch this space there will be more details and images coming soon of this exciting new collection of jewels launching in the near future!

So I’d be interested to know what do you think of these earrings?

and what is your favorite style era?

Please feel free to leave a comment below and thanks for reading:


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