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Crafts Council COLLECTIVE ‘Craft Rally’ A network for makers

In my last blog post I talked about my visit to Contemporary Applied Arts and its new premises in London.

Worth a visit if you’re in the big city.

After visiting, Rosanna Martin and I went to the Crafts Council Collective: Craft Rally held at Simmons & Simmons LLP. The afternoon/evening celebrated and bought together makers from this years Collective programs and makers from previous supported schemes as well as supporters of the Crafts Council, Patrons, Trustees and partners.

I was supported by the Crafts Council in 2007 under a setting up scheme entitled Next Move consisting of 2 years of business support and mentoring. My mentor was Emma Jeffs a talented surface designer who assisted with guidance and nurtured my fledgling practice. During the 2 years business training and workshops were regularly attended.  Rachel Smart delivered some great practical, focused and inspired training that has been invaluable and remains with me to date.

So as a previous recipient I was invited to attend this ‘Craft Rally!’ It was great to catch up with makers from my group, Shannon Clegg – ‘Hunter & Gather – Maker of Things’ and Anthea Walsh – Textile Artist and Illustrator. And to meet this years ‘Injection’ and ‘Hothouse’ participants ; whom several gave introductions  into their work and practice, these included Hothouse participants;

Thomas Appleton, who uses Stone-carving & Letter-cutting,

Jeweler & Artist Heather McDermott,

Constructed Textile Designer Fay McCaul. who creates luxury Textile Surfaces for interior wall-coverings, partitions and installations.

Injection participants;

Kirsty McDougall, woven textile designer,

Ceramicist, Linda Bloomfield,

and Installation maker Lee Borthwick.

There was a Collective discussion and talk with Jane Dzisiewski, Jeweler (‘Hothouse’ participant), Patrick Laing, 3D Design Studio, (‘Portfolio’ participant: Craft & Technology Residency), Michael Ruh – Glass and Catherine Tough – Textiles (‘Injection’ participants)  chaired by style writer Charlotte Abrahams.

The discussion examined the impact and legacy of the above schemes on their practice as well as future aims and ambitions to continue and grow their creative businesses. Such topics resonated with me as I reflect upon my own business/practice and how I can develop and evolve in the future….

Keep watching this space!  🙂

Thanks for reading & i invite you to comment below;


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