Onwards and upwards :)

I’ve had a productive couple of weeks in the workshop. Here are some of the things I’ve been to doing;

Creating new pieces by ‘indulging new techniques’ using enamel, color and pattern to compose playful, reversible brooches…..

Enamel, Reversible, Brooches, Blue and Green

Enamel Reversible Brooches © Kathryn Partington 2013

With this new direction I’ve been making applications to new exhibitions to showcase this work. So watch this space for any updates….!

I’ve been planning new work, new collections and going through existing jewellery pieces which will soon be available to buy on my website! That’s coming soon…..

I’ve also been ‘goal setting’ after attending a one to one business session with Rickie Josen from Craftyskills which was great. After the meeting I felt uplifted, motivated and full of focus. So it all contributes to making steps towards moving onwards and upwards!

How do you stay focused in your business? Do you have any tips?

If you sell ‘one off’ handmade pieces of jewellery, art, crafts and design objects how do you find selling online?

If you buy ‘one off’ handmade pieces of jewellery, art, crafts and design objects, what are your experiences, good or bad, how do you find buying online overall?

I’d love to know both sides for the maker/seller and the buyer, please leave a comment below and thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “Onwards and upwards :)

  1. Como habrás notado, me he quedado leyendo hasta el último de los artículos que escribiste.
    Espero que esto te sirva como motivación de que estás haciendo un trabajo muy bueno.
    En lo personal, soy amante de los buenos textos y me gusta continuar a las personas que tienen las habilidades de transmitir
    experiencias mediante las palabras. Por esta razón te
    dejo este comentario y para cerrar quisiera decirte que me ha encantado poder llegar a tu sitio.
    En hora buena!


  2. I am new to developing internet sites and I was wanting to know if having your site title relevant to your content
    really that critical? I see your title, “Onwards and upwards 🙂 ” does appear to
    be spot on with what your blog is about however, I prefer to keep my title less content descriptive and based
    more around site branding. Would you think this is a good idea or bad idea?
    Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.



    He leído tus artículos dos veces queriendo encontrar algo diferente y la realidad es que de esta manera pasa.
    Cada que leo tus artículos encuentro algo nuevo.
    Te juro que llevo no menos de 3 horas leyendo cada entre las cosas que has escrito y me semejan geniales.
    Espero que no creas que intento acosarte jeje. Ya en serio, deseo decirte que es una grata
    experiencia poder encontrarme con gente que tiene grandes habilidades con las letras.
    Espero que prosigas de esta manera y que si se da el
    instante, podamos conocernos. Saludos!


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