Blue and Green, should never be seen?!

My current work in progress is inspired by uniform, structured graphic patterns combined with my making process that flows organically and naturally evolves.  This jewellery collection includes the process of enameling and working with a color palette of green and accents of blue. I ponder the symbolism and selection of these colors.

For me green has many facets; it is the color of growth, fertility, honesty, freshness and vitality. Hope, health, nature, nurture and healing. It can also have opposing connotations such as envy, anger and greed, I for one don’t want to be known as the green-eyed monster!  I’m focusing on its precious jewel like quality and aim to communicate such vitality within my work.

Variations of green

As for the color blue, it is also balancing, calming and hydrating. The color of the sea and sky. Green and blue are all around us, everywhere we go, ‘who said blue and green should never be seen?’ ??  See Blog image on ‘Stopping along the way..’ and you see what I mean.

Variations of blue

Variations of blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of these enameled ‘jewels’ are shown in the next image. They will act as accents to give a pop of color as individual pins brooches / badges to accessorize an outfit or to accent a larger component on one of my statement / exhibition jewellery pieces.

Enamel Components/Jewels

Enamel Components/Jewels

The next image shows one of the design layouts for a large statement/exhibition piece of jewellery.

Design layout idea for exhibition / statement jewellery piece

Design layout idea for exhibition / statement jewellery piece

So this is a taster of my new work in progress. What you think? I’d love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment & thanks for reading 🙂


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