Growing my business!

This week I went to a seminar held at The British Jewellers’ Association, in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, Vyse Street, Hockley.

It was aptly entitled ‘growing your business,’ which is definitely what I want to do!

It was highly informative and full of insightful advice.

Areas discussed included Marketing, Branding, Communication with Trade press, Trade Fairs and Sales. All aspects I continually to need to work on!!

What I found particularly interesting was The BJA Mentoring Programme. This was explained and introduced by Gordon Hamme, and then illustrated by Mentor Gary Wroe – managing director of Hockley Mint and Mentee, Contemporary Jeweller and silversmith, Louise Mary Muttitt. To see more and read about what was covered in greater detail click here.
Worth a look!

It was great to hear from both perspectives and inspired my thinking – this could be an option I could explore… and what possibilities and opportunities could this bring?

I have mentioned before in previous posts that I am at a pivotal point in my career and practice. I think having the input and guidance of a mentor at this stage would be a positive strategy to employ as I am on mission to grow my business and develop my love of making jewellery beyond where it’s at now…. So now I am considering applying to become a member of the British Jewellers Association to access membership benefits and that of course includes the mentoring.! In the meantime watch this space for new developments…!

Do you have any tips on growing your business? Feel free to write a comment below and Thanks for reading!

Brooches from the Ethereal Collection by Kathryn Partington

Brooches from the Ethereal Collection by Kathryn Partington


2 thoughts on “Growing my business!

  1. A mentor is a good idea as I have been actively seeking one out and seeing rickie the weekend.
    Growing a business is a slow (ish) process but we just have to keep on going, great post x


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