Screen print for Textiles – Creative Workshops!!

Since mid May I have the pleasure of teaching a 10 week short course entitled ‘Creative Screen Print for Textiles at The School of Art & Design, University of Wolverhampton.

I have been teaching a lovely group of students who have been a pleasure to work with and are continuing to create some beautiful screen prints. As the course has progressed it has been wonderful to see experimentation, development and exploration of various screen print process for Textiles. We have gone on a journey beginning with color/pigment mixing, working with stencils, layering translucent color to using photographic screens, to manipulating artwork in CAD to create individual screens to more specialist and advanced techniques including Flock and Foil printing, using Puff Binder, Devore and Discharge-printing.

I’d like to share some of the work in progress, these images display some of the initial techniques introduced -working with stencils. This simple technique can create some bold, graphic effects. I will be adding more images to illustrate this journey in my next blog post. In the meantime here is a taster….. !

Using Stencils print by Alice Whyley

AlmalKelaibi04 AnneWhyley02 LorraineGreen01 MarieCampbell03 SueChand04 SueHalstead02

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