Change is just around the corner…..


The other day I saw this image on Facebook posted by Cool ture.

I thought this image visualizes the way I’m feeling at this very moment in time!! I am going through a process of change, personally, professionally and creatively.

My jewellery business is changing, or perhaps I should say developing, it’s a time of transition and transformation.

I am redesigning my website… watch this space… It’ll be live soon!!

I’m thinking about new directions for my jewellery and creative practice.

I’m exploring new opportunities and looking forward to new possibilities.

I’ll be posting these developments and new ventures as I progress on my new journey on this blog 🙂

I’ve started to get more involved with social media. I must admit I’ve been on Facebook and Linked In for a while. Been on twitter for a lifetime but have only really recently realized the power and potential of these platforms… Part of this motivation has been inspired by attending Success Workshops delivered and run by Rickie @ Craftyskills.

I can highly recommend!

Anyway I’m signing off now to carry on with building my new website, I’d be interested to know your thoughts on social media. Is Social Media a large part of your life and/or business? Any tips you would like to share? Please leave a comment below.


One thought on “Change is just around the corner…..

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